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It is estimated that less than 40 per cent of merchants who accept credit cards have an e-commerce enabled website. The new rules for e-commerce mean there will no longer be a requirement for these merchants to purchase SSL Certificates, pay for PCI compliance, or install extra security to protect stored data. There is an extensive list of cost savings.

When merchants learn of these new rules, the reductions in cost, discount rates, incidents of chargebacks, and the lowered incidents of fraud, they will want to enable e-commerce on existing sites and launch new or first time websites.

As the PPOS gains acceptance, there will be a heavy demand from merchants for specific smartphone applications that allow merchants more detailed communications with the consumer. Interactive smartphone applications will become the norm, attracting merchants to launch or upgrade their e-commerce websites.

Businesses offering services related to web hosting will now have an opportunity to be an exclusive supplier of new services, which will help build their businesses.

We are inviting web hosting businesses to partner with us in the promotion of our services to their clients. As a reseller they will earn a minimum of $20 per merchant per month. In addition, we will provide full administration services.

If you want to learn more about our reseller program, click Resellers.

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