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New Rules For Smartphone Apps
Your Smartphone Application

If you are a developer or a merchant who wants to build a smartphone application that links to our PPOS, we have an API for the website, as well as a data sheet regarding how to pass data to the PPOS. In order to deploy the new app, merchants must have a merchant account from a North American provider.

Our digital wallet has three features. First is the ‘push’ feature, which allows the merchant to pass information to the PPOS. This is the feature to which developers will want access. Second is the security feature which protects the identity and details of the consumer. Developers cannot have access to this area. Third is the processing section, which is built by us and provided to developers so their application will communicate with the merchant’s acquirer.

To register as a developer and to download the API, click Developers.
To register as a merchant and to download the API, click Merchant.

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