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New Rules Protect Consumers
Doing business online can be an alarming situation for both merchants and consumers. Merchants are concerned about fraud, chargebacks, high discount rates, and being sued if someone steals data from them. Consumers are concerned about identity theft.

It seems to us, the solution to both problems is the same. The consumer never gives the merchant any data that can be stolen. In reality, the merchant never needs the consumer’s identity or card details. The merchant only needs confirmation the credit or debit card was approved. If that is all the merchant needs, then why does current shopping cart software ask for so much more information that could be deemed to be confidential?

The new PPOS will guarantee:

1. The User is, in fact, the owner of the PPOS.
2. The Merchant is, in fact, the operator of the website and duly accredited.
3. The Service works with every merchant account provider.
4. The Service operates across all web-based applications that accept credit cards.
5. The Service will work with an ever-growing collection of smartphone applications.
6. The Data collected within PPOS is secure.
7. The off-site data storage facility, or facilities, allows for data retrieval in the event the smartphone is ever lost or stolen.

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