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New Rules For Shopping Carts
Shopping Cart Developers

The introduction of this new technology means that shopping cart developers will need to revise their applications. The new model of shopping carts provides merchants with an enhanced level of security. We have developed a complete set of APIís to satisfy all vendors. In summary, here is an overview of how the PPOS processes online purchases.

When the consumer selects the CQRpay button:

1. The shopping cart software generates and uploads to the processing gateway a file containing the merchant identification as well as the invoice details.
2. The shopping cart software receives confirmation from the gateway that the transaction was received, displays a transaction number, and then closes the invoice.

At this point the merchant has an open unpaid invoice with no knowledge of the consumerís identity.

3. The consumer then opens the PPOS and retrieves the transaction number.
4. The PPOS displays the identity of the merchant, the invoice number and the invoice details as well as a number of payment options.
5. The consumer selects the payment option and processes the payment.

Once the transaction is processed:

6. The PPOS will display the authorization number and save a record of the transaction.
7. The gateway then sends the authorization to the merchant to complete the transaction.
8. The merchant then sends an e-mail confirmation to the consumer.

The same file, passed to the transaction processor, can also be read by smartphone applications specific to the needs of the merchant. The invoice file passed to the consumer at the time of purchase can include a variety of additional information, including the ability to alert the consumer of up coming events, specials, coupon offers, etc.

If you would like a copy of the developerís API for shopping carts, click Cart Developers.

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