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Strategic Partner Requirements

CQRpay, Inc. offers business people an exceptional opportunity to make an above average income as a strategic partner of your credit card processing services. However, we are somewhat selective as to who we want representing our firm. This document details who we are looking for as partners, their qualifications, and what we expect from our partners.


Ideally our partners will be in the business of providing web hosting, web site development, domain name registration and provide either financial management or accounting related software products and or services to either bricks and mortar businesses or web based businesses. We want partners who are prepared to work with both existing merchants who want to enhance their e-commerce presence as well as those new merchants who do not as yet have an e-commerce web site. Our marketing is geared to approaching those in the web hosting business as well as those offering e-commerce applications.

Ideally our partners will have a marketing and sales team with strategic alliances with other providers who assist in enhancing each others business.


You will have been in business for at least 2 years and currently accept credit cards as a form of payment for the products and or services you market. You will also employ, or have access to, technical staff capable of building database driven web sites that are designed to be e-commerce enabled.

In addition you will provide support to your clients with both a sales team and technical support staff who can be trained to promote our services in consort with your own.

Our expectations

During the first three months you will enroll a minimum of 10 merchants and continue to maintain an enrollment rate of 10 merchants per quarter. All we ak is that your business grow by 40 merchants per year.

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